The farm

A selection of the products and residents of Hopesay Glebe Farm organic smallholding in South Shropshire

Established by us in 1996, our certified organic small-holding produces a wide range of delicious produce throughout the year.
We are certified organic by the Biodynamic Association (BDA)


We produce a range of seasonal organic vegetables on our 10-acre site, including salad leaves grown all year round in two polytunnels.

Organic rare-breed mutton

We have a small flock of the extremely rare breed Hill Radnor sheep, reared for two years to produce our delicious organic mutton. Compare this to the four months of life experienced by lambs on commercial farms.

Hill Radnor lamb 2013 Hopesay Glebe Farm organic smallholding

The flock is kept in check by Shiv, our Border Collie who we are slowly nursing back to mental health after she was badly treated in a previous home. Read about her progress here.

Shiv the sheepdog first picture Sep 12

Organic free-range eggs

Our flock of Road Rock and Marran-type hens have free-run of the whole smallholding – they are truly free-range hens! They lay what have been described as the best eggs in Shropshire!


Off-site we run a beekeeping enterprise of around 60 colonies. Our Shropshire Hills Honey is sold direct at Shrewsbury market (Friday & Saturday) and bottled for shops and other small retail outlets.

If you’d like to buy some of our produce, come and visit us at Shrewsbury market. You can also collect orders from the farm, but you’ll need to call or email us to order.

email: hopesayglebefarm[at]
tel: 01588 660737

Keep up to date with the latest goings-on at the farm by following our blog.

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